Ani Wilson
Brain Coach - Stress Mastery / Leadership Burnout


About Ani
Being a Corporate Consultant, Stress Mastery Coach and Cancer survivor, Ani knows a thing or two about stress. Having spent 20 years successfully navigating the perils of highly stressful roles all over the globe, Ani was diagnosed with Stress Induced Stage Three High Grade Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer - a mouthful to say, and also to swallow.

Being a type A overachiever, Ani went on a mission to research, connect and master chronic stress to ensure no-one fell victim to the impacts she herself had suffered. During her 6 years of research, just when she thought she knew it all, a life changing event changed her focus and she realized the answer to eradicating the power of Chronic Stress was as simple as addressing the underlying fears instead of applying hundreds of stress management techniques.

Now a Peaceful warrior by night and an invigorator by day, Ani brings a level of energy and humour to ignite an otherwise somber topic of “Business Burnout” – that edgy ailment that impacts decision makers and business leaders all over the world.

Think your leadership team can handle the increased pressures facing them today? Think again.
Ani will not only have you rethinking your corporate strategy, she will ensure you have loads of fun whilst leaving an imprint on your subconscious that will stay with you forever.

Chronic Stress is a killer. But with Ani guiding you, your team will throw the term out of their dictionary!

It takes years to build, one moment to crash, and a lifetime to recover.  
Life should be about Impact, Courageousness and Endurance.
Don't crash.
Go faster.

Why Leadership Burnout
You could say that my story began 6 years ago, or I prefer to say it started when I first walked in to corporate life. Now a Leadership Burnout Coach and Speaker, my passion comes through my journey. As far as I am concerned, there is no way I can NOT help to change the statistical average for others to reach burnout. This is my story.

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems
But it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright

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