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High Performance Burnout is a very real and expanding epidemic even though the era of Mindfulness has been in effect since the 90’s.


Want to know a secret? There’s a faster, simpler and more enjoyable way to increase your rate of mental success! (It’s not what you think!)


It’s time to create a new wave – one that focuses on FUN Neurophysical Brain hacks to inspire, invigorate and incite INSTANT change!


Ani’s message is simple – The latest Brain Research shows a significant difference in HOW High Performers brains have developed.  We spend years strengthening certain neural areas (much like we do a muscle) which often has the adverse effect of weakening lesser used areas.


Ani is not wanting to teach people to slow down and destress, she teaches the opposite. Where others are regaling the importance of wellness and mindfulness; she is promoting mental expansion, knowledge and raising the energetic level of our lives.


Through NeuroPhysiological brain hacks and magic we can continue to be overachievers without chronic stress taking us out along the way!

Meet Ani Wilson

Leadership Burnout Coach, Brain Hacker and
International Speaker

Ani spent 23 years being head hunted by large global corporates to take over failing programs or teams, turning each in to a success story.  At the height of her career she was in control of a $52 Million portfolio of clients. Stress was simply a mandatory part of a job she loved.


Although she suffered chronic burnout twice during her career as well as stress induced cancer, Ani continued upwards, onwards, charging forward, trying to keep up with this ever growing hyper-kinetic and challenging world.


Her family suffered, her marriage ended and as was always the case, her life took a dramatic turn as her eyes were suddenly opened to the pain and silent suffering that was festering in every boardroom she entered. Ani realised she was not alone.


And thus she retrained as a Stress Mastery Coach, a CBT practitioner, Executive Life Coach, Meditation teacher (did we mention her ‘over-achiever tendencies?!), but it wasn’t until she returned to her first love of Brain Sciences that an answer finally revealed itself.


Finally a REASON why high performers crash dramatically!


We spend Billions each year on the psychology of mental health, yet ignore the very foundation of what our brains need to survive and thrive!


Ani is now on a mission to ensure every leader, practitioner, manager and business owner (and Teen!) knows the true power they hold within by adding MASSIVE value, FUN, energy and up-to-date science to support her strategies in her trainings and speeches.

Ani’s message is something never presented before

Experience for yourself

one of Ani’s amazing speaking events

Ani truly is an International Speaker, calling 2 countries ‘home’.  Based in both Sydney and Auckland, Ani is passionate about her message and leverages a lifetime of being on stage in other formats to bring a lively, upbeat and fun energy to her speeches.  


Ani doesn’t believe in being average, and is on a mission to help other high performers reach the finish line in style, with passion, whilst expanding their capabilities year on year.


Leadership Burnout is an epidemic, one that is hidden from the view of others but has dramatic life changing consequences.


It’s never truly over, but with Ani’s framework and onpoint research, leaders finally have somone that can relate, and who can shine a light forward.

Example of Ani’s Speaking Topics

Avoiding Leadership Burnout – The 7 essentials to make it to the finish line in style

Research from Gartner and the Mckinsey Global Institute has estimated that there is currently a shortage of 1.5Million managers across the USA alone to cope with the 59% increase of data and information flooding in to our businesses annually.  Our existing management teams are left to struggle to make ill-informed decisions about the future of their company whilst dealing with an onslaught of big data to analyse with unrealistic deadlines and limited resources.


Chronic stress can impact anyone at any time; the difference with high performers is that we tend to ignore all the signs and symptoms, choosing to work harder, until one day we crash, taking the business and our employees down with us in our fall.


Burnout causes whole areas of our brain to shut down, impacting our ability to make decisions, plan, see risk and even feel empathy – all the qualities a great leader should have.  It takes years to build, one moment to crash, and a lifetime to navigate out of!

In this keynote, you will learn:


  1. The neurological changes driving bad decisions and exacerbating stress.
  2. 7 fun, cutting edge techniques to tackle chronic stress and harness it to increase your mental performance.
  3. The Blueprint that determines your statistic for success.

Excel at Success – But arrive there without the Stress!

Too often as employees, we feel excited to start a new job, and ideas for how we can make a difference are overflowing in our minds. Fast forward only a few months, and our excitement has waned as we inherit the stress of our peers, our managers and feel confined by the restrictions of the company culture.


Research tells us that the top stressors in the workplace today are unrealistic expectations from our managers, and co-worker tension.

How you feel at work determines how you approach life outside the office also. Chronic stress dampens your immunity, reduces the clarity of your thoughts and impacts both your EQ and IQ. You may not have time, you may not care enough, but after this keynote your life and your workplace will never be dull again.

In this keynote you will learn:


  1. The real history behind your life story & which statistic defines you.
  2. 5 disruptive, fun techniques to tackle chronic stress and change the way you see the world around you.
  3. 2 fun kid-friendly tricks to use next time you’re at the water-cooler to impress your colleagues.
  4. The blueprint that determines where on the stress scale you are likely to fall.

Short Videos of Ani Speaking

GSS Speaker Ani Wilson

On Stage at the Global Speakers Summit Feb 2018 – A small snippet of how Ani really works!

Conference Keynote

AIMA Conference – Avoiding Burnout using simple Brain Hacks

Speaking Snippet 2015

20 seconds excerpt from 2015 speech – Small Business Owners

Bloopers – The Real Deal

A small snippet of how Ani really works! Behind the scenes bloopers in high def!

Online TV for Small Business Australia

1 min speaking segment

NSA Speech Snippets

2017 National Speakers Association NZ short-form showing speaking style in small audience format

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