Your Coffee DNA Explained

Your Coffee DNA Explained

Looking down at the Coffee Cup and evaluating its contents is a valuable tool to master when meeting someone for the first time.

Being secure in your own choice of coffee is also a merit as it shows resolve and absolute conviction in who you are at this point in your life.

Yes your coffee choice may evolve and change over the course of your life as do our human values and experiences but choose today wisely and know the true value of your choice.

There is so much to learn in business and with negotiation skills if only we would turn our gazes down and reflect upon the contents of our coffee cups!

The essential coffee cup tells us so much about ourselves and the person we’re drinking with, so attention and knowledge is the key to making a good first impression.

Passionate Coffee drinkers are connoisseurs; we’re all looking for the following key ingredients…

  • Design (outward appearance) – perfectly handcrafted by our gorgeous barista on the top
  • The creamy silky yum factor of the first cm or two, which builds anticipation for the strength of the coffee to come.
  • Then the hit.  That first mouthful of pure coffee that either has the desired effect or misses the mark completely.

But there is so much more to that morning liquid, and coffee drinkers can usually be split evenly in to two ‘Outcomes Oriented’ groups.  Those who seek;

  1. A Calming influence
  2. Or Invigoration.

It either relaxes us to perform consistently throughout the morning, or it inspires us, building our confidence to tackle anything.

Your coffee has between 2-7 seconds to make an impression (the amount of time it takes for the coffee to hit your taste buds, and for your taste buds to send the chemical signal to the brain – “It’s a hit!” or… “Fizzle, pop, dud”

It takes roughly that amount to make an impression on another human being.

7 seconds.

Be the coffee you gravitate to the most and be true to your brand.

I always ask for a Latte.  Why?

I want to make an instant impact, I don’t want others to have to wait through the design and the froth before they know whether or not they like me or want to work with me.

A friend of mine is a Cappuccino with Chocolatefan, at all times.   Ah, the friendly cappuccino; we like the fun factor of it, the promise of sweetness no matter what the coffee inspires.  We instantly like it because most of what we see (the topping) is what you get.  There’s very little else hidden from view, meaning we’re more prone to trust these people.

The Short Black– I want power from this interaction and I want it quickly.  If I feel the least bit watered down, you will be the target of my worst ever death stare!  Keep it brief, keep it focused, and most importantly, get your message across quickly because the clock starts now!

The Flat White.  The middle of the road Coffee, the “I’m sort of a coffee drinker, but I’m also happy to have a glass of wine with you instead.  “Your choice” kind of person.  In a flat white, you get a little bit of everything, Froth, Milk, single shot of espresso, and the love heart that the barista has put his soul in to (unless of course you order takeaway, although even then, I dare you, take a sneak peak next time under the lid, I’ve noticed specifically in Sydney depending on the size of the establishment, the coffee guy who takes pride in his coffee will ALWAYS give you part of his heart)

So what’s the lesson from all this?

Decide which coffee drinker you are, and stick to it.  This shows resolve, saves time at the checkout, but gives others a clue as to who they’re having coffee with.
Be the person who orders the coffees to have an advanced briefing of the personalities of the people you’re about to share coffee with.
Get to know your coffee traits.

Latte:  Instant impact, But has the time to share/hear.
Cappuccino:  Fun and social.  Really does want to hear your story.
Espresso/Short Black:  Hone your message first.  Make it quick.  Make your point.  Time is money.
Flat White:  Not usually the decision makers, got all the time in the world.  If you’re an espresso drinker having a coffee with the FW’s of the world, make it a take away!

And if you don’t drink coffee?

Well, don’t read this post.  Ah, too late!


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