The Post Gig Euphoria and Slump

The Post Gig Euphoria and Slump

It is always with sad regret when an event is over, and my newly converted power-minds start to trickle out of the room.  As a speaker, there is always a heightened level of euphoria as I personally get to witness change, emotion and light bulbs going off in the minds of individual audience members throughout the duration of the speech.  So when the speech comes to a close and I return to my mantle of a mere mortal, I am left to wonder if indeed the change I saw will manifest once a new day dawns.

On stage it is my job to impress, entertain and enlighten; yet as a passionate advocate to spread awareness for my cause (Leadership Burnout), I find it hard not to scream from centre stage as to the importance of what I am teaching.

Will my message really get through?  Will the managers and leaders who are silently suffering under pressure allow anyone to finally tell them that they’re not invincible?  Will they allow that person to be me?

During my speech it’s common to find a few peeople in the audience with tears of recognition as I describe their struggle concisely through my own story.

I feel grateful at moments like those for being given the gift of awareness, to have a journey that includes pain and success that allows others to relate.

Perhaps I am finally getting through.

One of my most favourite things to do post speech is to have what I call “Rapid Fire Coaching”, 20 minute personal coaching with a few selected audience members, by way of thanks to the event manager who organized the event.

20 Minutes is usually not enough time to truly make a difference, but it’s remarkable how much difference I actually get to make.  To hear first hand what journey my audience members have been through, to find common links in every story, and to understand and relate completely as a mentor is a blessing.

I cannot express how much honour this gives me.

I meet the most fantastic people who have held the highest of positional authority, each with their own journey, their own struggles and dreams.  Yet every one of them tells me the same thing again and again:

After years of trying everything, they finally had answers, simply from listening to a one hour speech presented to them by a self proclaimed stress junkie.

Nothing I teach is rocket science.  I make it simple on purpose.  It is my firm belief that we overcomplicate things when the opposite is what we crave.

Go back to the basics, build your foundations and the rest will sort itself out in time.

Are we super-humans living a mediocre existence?  Potentially yes, but with a few mind hacks and a bit of magic, we can dust off our super hero capes and learn to fly again.

I am truly blessed to be sharing this flight with you all.

Animatedly Yours,



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