Why Leadership Burnout?

Why Leadership Burnout?

I am asked almost daily “Why Leadership Burnout specifically?”  Often followed by a wider question such as “Isn’t it just an extension of Stress Management?”

Why no, no it’s not.

I speak about Leadership Burnout because that is who I am, what I went through.  I am speaking to me.

Leadership Burnout is that precipice that can only be reached when the weight of the people who follow you is on your shoulders, when peers are waiting to take your job or celebrate when you fail, when expectations far outweigh reason, and when asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness.

Whether a man or a woman, it matters not.

It is the silence of struggling alone whilst maintaining an air of confidence and strength that is the pivotal element of Leadership Burnout.

Whilst most wellness programs successfully infiltrate the staff of an organization, managers and executives do not have that time.

Whilst stress management apps and screensavers remind staff to ‘get outdoors for lunch’ or breathe deeply for 2 minutes, managers and executives spend their days vibrating from one meeting room to another with food, air, and oxygen being far from their minds.

So what does the reversal of “Leadership Burnout” look like?

My aim is notto ask leaders to slow down.  Quite the reverse actually.

My deepest wish is that as overachievers and Type A people, we have endless energy and insights available to us, to not only run our companies but to expand them with excitement at the same pace, if not faster.

  • To outrun our competitors with raving fans pushing us along
  • To see what we can not see
  • To feel happiness and excitement for future possibilities
  • To rewire dormant pathways and connections in the brain
  • To leap and be fearless of failure with the support of our peers
  • To create a world where being stressed is no longer an acceptable state of being.

We are remarkable.  My mission is purely to remind people of what they can do and be.


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