A simple lesson from a stress-free kitten

A simple lesson from a stress-free kitten

I don’t know about you, but it seems that every time I walk outside, new revelations come to me.  I have found that by walking in the sunshine, my mind opens, and I can instantly de-stress from any of the corporate chaos with one simple long inhalation.

Today, as I was walking back from my favourite new Salad bar in town (time to plug The Botanist!), my kitten came into my mind.  Well, I guess he’s a kitten no longer, but to me he will always be my little bundle of energetic love.

When he arrived in our household I was not prepared for the destruction of my new silk curtains, or for the wallpaper in the hallway to be utterly ripped to shreds.  But I reflected, and at the time I realised I had 2 choices.

Either the cat had to move out, or I had to let go of my need for perfection in my house.

The cat stayed.

2 weeks before Tux arrived in our family, my beautiful 1 yr old cat Max, died in my arms.  It was an horrendous night and the experience broke my heart.  I didn’t realise until that night, how much love could be gained from one small animal.

They say that when someone or something dies, keep your eyes open as someone or something with the same qualities will appear just when you need them.

I look at little Tux now (at 10 months old), and it astounds me that he shows much of the same characteristics as his now famed predecessor (Max).  I wasn’t looking for a new cat, yet Tux found his way to us just when we needed him most.  He filled a void and provides us with such tender love and laughter.

And this is what I came to understand today as I was walking back to the office:

Tux doesn’t need any reminder to play.

He doesn’t need any reassurance to provide love.

He doesn’t wait by the door pining for us when we leave; he gets on with life, and then drops everything the moment we return home to be fully present.

He provides his full attention to us when we require it, and wakes me up every morning with a loving hug (even when I really don’t want him to!)

This morning I was woken by a cold, wet nose giving me a gentle kiss on my chin.  For months I found this a horrid awakening!  Then recently, I gave in, and stopped swatting him away. After all, Tux was relentless in this practice and never gave up trying.  Every time I said NO, he ignored me.

He was determined to give me my morning wake up kiss.  Isn’t that truly wonderful?

Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

His first reaction is to Love.  His second?  To have fun.  His third, is to find nutrition and warmth.

What a great example to follow.

So the next time your cat wants to bump heads with you, or give you a smooch, take stock; why not let it happen, and think on how simple that interaction was, yet it provided a link to trust and unconditional love.

Love.  Fun.  Health and Security.  These are the words for my day today, and every day.


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